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bamboo is green It's the world's most pervasive and fastest growing plant, some species are known to grow 1 foot in a single day. Renewable and sustainable, it is harvested in less than 3 years. Also, naturally resistant to all bacteria and microbes, there is no need for pesticides or chemicals in the growth cycle rendering it organic. All of our bamboo fiber comes from farmland, rather than centuries old natural bamboo forests.
bamboo is anti-bacterial Bamboo fiber contains an agent called "bamboo kun" which prevents the cultivation of bacteria, resulting in a garment that is odor free. This is more desirable than fabrics which have been treated with "anti-bacterial finishes" as the chemicals can sometimes irritate the skin.
bamboo is breathable and cool Because of the porous micro-structure of the fiber, apparel made with bamboo is able to absorb, evaporate and wick away moisture at great speed. Natural thermal regulation keeps you cooler and drier.
bamboo is versatile It is used by over half the world's population for uses as varied as food, shelter, fuel and now clothing. This makes it one of the most widely used non-timber, non-petroleum natural resources in the world.

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